In case you have not heard about the Kodi we never heard about it before a few weeks ago. This is an open source streaming device that allows you to watch internet video on your tv. We had previously only used the Roku. The thing about the kodi that is cool is that it allows you do watch anything you want. Roku is limited in only company approved applications. This is actual open source software that you can even run on your windows PC. The current release is Kodi 17.0 (Krypton). A lot of people are installing the exodus plugin to use to watch movies. There are a bunch of products on Amazon that come with kodi installed. I ordered one and it never arrived. It was only $15 so sometimes things that are too good to be true are in fact actually fraud. I ended up ordering ALASP M85 4K Android TV Box which is very clumsy. The remote has to be pointed straight on from directly in front of the unit. I have never used such a terrible remote in my life. Not even old school tv before they had large screen tv’s. I ordered a wireless keyboard to go with it for $21.99 which is the same when used wireless. I have resorted to keeping the keyboard plugged into the USB port which works fine. The unit is terribly slow. Kind of like the original bluray players when they first launched. It’s sometimes unresponsive. The good news is they are no longer selling this unit. Surprising to me was that it is so slow even with a quadcore chip. It’s not very small either. So my advice is to do your resource and look for a unit that the reviews say it responds quick and the remote works even if you have the box behind the tv out of direct view. The issue isn’t the software which is great. The issue is the hardware.

I first heard about the Kodi when I was filming some Green Screen Video In Phoenix. And I made the mistake of ordering one over my phone without doing enough research.

This wireless keyboard might look cool but even if it worked wireless when not plugged in the buttons are really tiny.  Not a huge upgrade over the smart tv type systems we currently have.

This is junk and is no longer being sold on Amazon.  It did have 4.5 Stars when I placed the order.  Just goes to show you that you can’t always trust reviews on Amazon.  The fact that it’s no longer listed shows me that I wasn’t the only one upset with it.   Normally when I product is discontinued it’s still listed on Amazon and sometimes there is a buy used option.  Not the case with this.  It was manufactured by AKASO.  Never heard of them and never buying their products again.