Fortune 500 Companies Don’t Use Social Media

Most people today own various social media accounts in websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, even though seems that a lot of people share or tweet their status everyday, it is interesting to note that the most of the CEOs who belong to the Fortune 500 are not active in social media. And those few who miraculously made social made accounts opted to use LinkedIn and Twitter instead of the more youth-oriented Facebook and Google+.

People involved in the marketing industry debate whether having social media accounts pose certain benefits or threats to top executives. Some think that social media accounts have positive effects on the company while others think that it won’t incur any loss if the boss decides to skip creating their own accounts.


Social media play an important role in marketing a business. The activities of an official social media account can greatly improve a company’s search engine rankings and they also allow the customers to interact with the companies which can potentially lead to an increase in sales. Yet, even though social media can be very helpful, they do not really necessitate the need for CEOs to create their own social media accounts unless they are willing a portion of their time everyday to manage their accounts.


  1. A CEO with an active social media account is like an extension already of the company. CEOs can also personally express their support for their company’s various marketing activities and they can also make people feel that they can be reached most of the time.

  2. A CEO that is quite active on social media expresses his sincerity and commitment to his company and customers as well. Interaction with some followers may also result to increased brand confidence and loyalty.

  3. A CEO’s skills in handling social media account reflect his compatibility with the use of technology. Consumers and even other companies are highly interested in people who possess enough knowledge to navigate the internet and various social media websites.


  1. If the CEO is not that active and has no clear idea on what to do with his social media accounts, then there’s nothing more that he can do but just be the face of the company.

  2. Any wrong move made by CEO can reflect badly on the company so utmost care must be exercised when posting or sharing insights in social media.

  3. People are not assured if the CEOs are really the ones behind their social media accounts. There are a lot of cases out there where CEOs only rely on their representatives to post on their social media accounts on their behalf.


It is not established whether CEOs need to create and use social media accounts. Everything will be based on the company, its goals, and of course, the CEO himself. Creating a social media account can be very beneficial for those who aim to boost their brands however, they must take into account that managing such accounts can be time-consuming sometimes. For the CEOs who do not have any social media accounts, it is possible that they just want to avoid the prying eyes of the public and focus on the work at hand, which is generally to bring progress to their companies. As for some, they may opt to hiring a team of representatives who will handle everything on social media when they decide to create their own accounts.

Sometimes, CEOs who are not very active retweet or share information that are related to the industry they are involved with from time to time. If a lot of people not only follow but highly think of them, then it is more likely guaranteed that people will take time to read their posts.

At the end of the day, a CEO is the one who will decide what’s the best for his company. Whether or not having a social media account is part of his plans, people should be assured that such decision is influenced by his intention for the company and his employees.