Domain Registration

We have used a few domain registers over the years. The internet is the future even after being around for two decades and being mainstream for over a decade. The growth over the last few years has been massive with the advancement of smart phones and mobile usage. Let’s face the facts and admit that the internet is part of everyone’s lives now. From social media like Facebook to mobile applications like Shazam, which lets us find out who is singing a great new song. It all starts with registering a domain to establish an online presence. These are some of our favorite domain registers.

1) Godaddy
We use this one for the majority of our domains. The reason is that they offer some of the best pricing. For a small yearly fee you can upgrade your account to the Domain Buyers Club and get domains for a discounted price. They have actual telephone support and pretty decent web hosting. 61 million domains are registered with them.

2) NameCheap
This is long our favorite. When you register a new domain you get one year of whois privacy for free. They offer decent prices if you host a lot of domains you can contact support for discounted pricing. They did recently update their CMS and it’s a little clunky now and a lot slower. One of the reasons we used to like them so much was that the back end was a lot faster than godaddy. That advantage is now gone but we still use them successfully.

3) Dynadot
These guys are a little more expensive. The interface is a lot faster. While we only have a few domains there we have never had any issues.

4) Moniker
These guys have been around a while. We did have a business associate tell us about a problem there. They had someone hold their domain name for ransom. They actually took control of the domain and wanted a large sum of money to give it back. We are not privy to the amount requested. They reasoned that because it was registered in the 90’s that it had a lot of value. He was able to get it back and this was a while ago. Our fear is that they figured out his login and was able to initiate a transfer with out him knowing.

Our marketing website is hosted at namecheap.