Can Facebook Break Mobile Carriers


Facebook is one of the most popularly used social networking sites across the world. However, continuous usage of its application on mobile gadgets pose negative effects on the mobiles’ operating systems. Studies made by The Guardian showed that Facebook and Messenger apps greatly affect the batter life and overall performance of Android and i0S mobile systems like smartphones and tablets. The battery life of Android and ios decreased by 20% and 15% respectively with the use of Facebook. Moreover, there were also noted severity in the slow performance of the gadgets. The same results were also published in Reddit thread that came out in late January.

If people would look at the memory consumed by various applications on their phones, they would see that Facebook takes up a large part of the gadget’s memory. It is also interesting to note that the amount of memory consumed by Facebook is larger than most apps installed and is still greater than that is taken by the device’s core parts.

Facebook, Messenger, and Pages Manager take up memory that is almost thrice that is consumed by other installed applications. Google apps use at least only half of what is used by those three while others use much less amount of memory. If Facebook and Messenger are uninstalled from the phone, users will notice a great improvement in the performance of their gadgets.

Facebook apps also reduces the battery life of smartphones and tablets because these apps always search for updates. Though the most recent Android and iOS versions have tried to limit such actions made by Facebook, it still manages to get pass through these restraints.

In order to get rid of this problem, the best way would be to uninstall Facebook and its associated apps. However, people who are fond of using Facebook need not to worry because there’s still a way for them to easily access the social networking site.

To do this, one must just the actual Facebook mobile site. It does the same functions of showing notifications for new messages and alerts and it can easily be accessed by placing a shortcut on the gadget’s homescreen.

Though some perks like instantly accessing Instant Articles and posting updates are lost, people will be able to save up chunks of memory and prolong the battery life of their smartphones or tablets.

In the long run, the problem must still be addressed by Facebook. Even though they have made the necessary apologies for the what their apps do, it is still a must that they try improve the performance and memory consumption of Facebook and its associated applications.