Battery Technology Crucial For Solar


Nowadays, the use of solar power as a source of energy is increasingly becoming more popular among people. Though there are claims attesting that it still just makes up a percent of the world’s total electricity supply, technological advancements made regarding solar power’s use are rapidly happening and in no time, it’s not possible that major parts of the world will ditch the use of fossil fuels and start using solar panels as their main source of electrical energy.

Recently, the U.S. government has awarded $18 million for six projects that aim to establish battery-backed solar energy networks in certain communities. In Chicago, Bronzeville has been chosen by Commonwealth Edison Company to be the set for demonstration of some smart power technologies funded by $4 million that came from the Department of Energy.

Solar panels work by harvesting energy from the sun and storing it in the batteries attached to them. Afterwards, the energy is moved by smart power inverters in between solar panels and batteries and to homes and the main power grid.

The utilization of solar power is less costly and the energy can be stored and used during non-peak hours. Power disruption is not also problem since the energy harvested and stored using solar panels is always ready for use. More energy can also be saved by other solar power technologies like the streetlights that are only turned when a person passes by.

For the past twenty years, the use of solar power has increased exponentially almost in parallel with the increased use of computer advancements. On the other hand, fuel has become more expensive as the refining processes become costlier. This is in contrast with downward trend in the money spent on solar power as progressive scientific applications have made its collection, storage, and use a lot cheaper. At present, there are already some places in the world where solar energy has become very cheap as compared to fossil fuels.

In partner with solar panels, batteries are also becoming a lot cheaper by the day. The most popular storage unit nowadays is Tesla’s Powerwall which is continuously becoming more common in households.

Batteries are very useful because they make power generation more efficient. They serve as perfect partners for solar panels because they make possible the storage of energy that is harvested from the sun. if more studies and advancements are made when it comes to the power harvesting and storage capabilities of solar panels and batteries, then we can be assured of a very bright future with regards to energy acquisition.