Paints The Future is a blog about Technology and information about new electronic products being released.  We sometimes cover internet websites and online news as well.  These days technology is just as rooted in the internet as it is at the local electronics store.  Advancements are happening at an ever increasing pace and it’s exciting to us.  We wanted to share and also keep track of all the new things coming online.  We missed the consumer electronics convention in Las Vegas this year but it’s okay our buddy the Gadget Professor was there broadcasting live. If you missed it check out his podcast on YouTube.

Editor In Chief – Ronald VanWay

If you are interested in contributing please contact us.  Let us know about your background and type of articles you are interested in.  We are also looking for someone to help us with Social Media we are hoping to get started especially on Twitter.  Most of the video stuff is already being covered by the Gadget Prof.