How Bitcoin Works

Just recently, rumors have been spreading around that the bitcoin community is slowly falling apart. It seems that the news is also supported by the fact that one of its founders, Mike Hearn, sold all of his shares and subsequently left bitcoin. According to Mike, the bitcoin system, which widely used all over the world, is now nearing technical collapse. Before leaving, Mike tried working on the software in order to prevent this imminent fail but a group of people who are supposedly controlling the system opposed his actions.

During his interview, Mike also revealed that the bitcoin company Coinabase was banned from the bitcoin website, a thing that seemed utterly absurd to him since the company helped in attracting people to use bitcoin. There were also supposedly death threats against some developers in Coinbase as well as service system attacks in the company. However, the other people who are also part of bitcoin claim that Coinbase is not being separated from bitcoin. Instead, the whole bitcoin company will be having an election regarding the proper actions that will be done to the company.

For some, it may seem that such statements were only made because the members of the system did not to admit that their company is failing. The CEO of bitcoin, Brian Armstrong, recently called for press to spread the news about the bitcoin’s upcoming election.


If Armstrong does not win in the election, what can happen is that the bitcoin network, will in fact collapse. In relation to this is the size of what people call “blocks,” or those that are used in transaction labeling within the network. For Armstrong, it is a necessity that block size be increased so that the company will be able to accommodate larger number of transactions.

So basically, it is not impossible that bitcoin will really fall in the pits if block size remains just the same. Currently, bitcoin handles seven transactions per second, Paypal 100, and Visa 4,000. Obviously, bitcoin should aim to be able handle more transactions.

Though the election does not seem to be that important to a lot of people, its results will surely play a large role in digital currency in the near future. Hopefully, people will eventually be able to transfer money more easily.

At present, not a lot of people use bitcoin. However, it can be very important in making monetary transactions that are quite cheaper and more open to the public.


Miners are the computers behind the management of the whole bitcoin system. The people who work in these mines are paid in bitcoins, so it is only logical that they strive to make the computers run as smoothly as they can be. With the upcoming elections, such factors will be considered by those people who run the miners.

Armstrong and his colleagues try to improve the software system of the miners so that they will be able to handle larger numbers of transactions. However, there are other people in the company who are opposed to this ideas because of their personal ideology and for some, because they want to protect their money. These opposing principles worry the people behind miners because at the end, it is very possible that they will receive lower salaries.

For the upcoming election, Armstrong and his team are proposing a new system, Bitcoin Classic which aims to handle transactions with not more than a 1-megabyte increase.


After Bitcoin Classic was released, some networks of the bitcoin system like Coinbase used the code on their missions. It remains to be seen whether the other miners will follow suit. In order for it to be thoroughly effective, the Bitcoin Classic must be adopted by at least 75% all bitcoin miners. After that, the rest of the miners are required to adopt the system or face being cut from the network.

However, Armstrong firmly believes that split of any type can’t really happen. He thinks that other people will also see the benefits of having larger block size. And if such thing happens, the whole bitcoin network will readily accommodate the continuous increase in the number of transactions.

The only problem with this is the two Chinese operations which handle almost 50% of bitcoin’s total mining power. It seems that the people behind these operations are afraid to switch to using larger block size.


For some people, there is a solid basis why the Chinese will become reluctant in using Bitcoin Classic. Chinese miners work with China’s Great Firewall, a system that filters the internet contents in accordance with the perimeters set by the Chinese government. The delay brought by this system means that Chinese miners aren’t as fast as the others when it comes to handling transactions so increasing the block size may mean that they will work on the transactions much slower than before. If that is the case, it is more probable that they will lose more bitcoins instead of earning them.


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In case you have not heard about the Kodi we never heard about it before a few weeks ago. This is an open source streaming device that allows you to watch internet video on your tv. We had previously only used the Roku. The thing about the kodi that is cool is that it allows you do watch anything you want. Roku is limited in only company approved applications. This is actual open source software that you can even run on your windows PC. The current release is Kodi 17.0 (Krypton). A lot of people are installing the exodus plugin to use to watch movies. There are a bunch of products on Amazon that come with kodi installed. I ordered one and it never arrived. It was only $15 so sometimes things that are too good to be true are in fact actually fraud. I ended up ordering ALASP M85 4K Android TV Box which is very clumsy. The remote has to be pointed straight on from directly in front of the unit. I have never used such a terrible remote in my life. Not even old school tv before they had large screen tv’s. I ordered a wireless keyboard to go with it for $21.99 which is the same when used wireless. I have resorted to keeping the keyboard plugged into the USB port which works fine. The unit is terribly slow. Kind of like the original bluray players when they first launched. It’s sometimes unresponsive. The good news is they are no longer selling this unit. Surprising to me was that it is so slow even with a quadcore chip. It’s not very small either. So my advice is to do your resource and look for a unit that the reviews say it responds quick and the remote works even if you have the box behind the tv out of direct view. The issue isn’t the software which is great. The issue is the hardware.

I first heard about the Kodi when I was filming some Green Screen Video In Phoenix. And I made the mistake of ordering one over my phone without doing enough research.

This wireless keyboard might look cool but even if it worked wireless when not plugged in the buttons are really tiny.  Not a huge upgrade over the smart tv type systems we currently have.

This is junk and is no longer being sold on Amazon.  It did have 4.5 Stars when I placed the order.  Just goes to show you that you can’t always trust reviews on Amazon.  The fact that it’s no longer listed shows me that I wasn’t the only one upset with it.   Normally when I product is discontinued it’s still listed on Amazon and sometimes there is a buy used option.  Not the case with this.  It was manufactured by AKASO.  Never heard of them and never buying their products again.

Domain Registration

We have used a few domain registers over the years. The internet is the future even after being around for two decades and being mainstream for over a decade. The growth over the last few years has been massive with the advancement of smart phones and mobile usage. Let’s face the facts and admit that the internet is part of everyone’s lives now. From social media like Facebook to mobile applications like Shazam, which lets us find out who is singing a great new song. It all starts with registering a domain to establish an online presence. These are some of our favorite domain registers.

1) Godaddy
We use this one for the majority of our domains. The reason is that they offer some of the best pricing. For a small yearly fee you can upgrade your account to the Domain Buyers Club and get domains for a discounted price. They have actual telephone support and pretty decent web hosting. 61 million domains are registered with them.

2) NameCheap
This is long our favorite. When you register a new domain you get one year of whois privacy for free. They offer decent prices if you host a lot of domains you can contact support for discounted pricing. They did recently update their CMS and it’s a little clunky now and a lot slower. One of the reasons we used to like them so much was that the back end was a lot faster than godaddy. That advantage is now gone but we still use them successfully.

3) Dynadot
These guys are a little more expensive. The interface is a lot faster. While we only have a few domains there we have never had any issues.

4) Moniker
These guys have been around a while. We did have a business associate tell us about a problem there. They had someone hold their domain name for ransom. They actually took control of the domain and wanted a large sum of money to give it back. We are not privy to the amount requested. They reasoned that because it was registered in the 90’s that it had a lot of value. He was able to get it back and this was a while ago. Our fear is that they figured out his login and was able to initiate a transfer with out him knowing.

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Future Energy

The capital of Kazakhstan is working toward a city expo in their countries capital. Astana Expo City 2017 has a very ambitious project of building 28 new modern projects. Over 100 firms bid on the project but Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG) out of Chicago won. The focus of the project is to find new ways of achieving changes to energy use focused on alternative sources of power. Put simply the goal is to reduce energy use but focusing on decreased demand from designing things more efficiently. The sketches we have seen look a lot like Epcot. With the round center building. We are picturing a lot of guys wearing Hi Vis Gear working to achieve the 2017 deadline.

Battery Technology Crucial For Solar


Nowadays, the use of solar power as a source of energy is increasingly becoming more popular among people. Though there are claims attesting that it still just makes up a percent of the world’s total electricity supply, technological advancements made regarding solar power’s use are rapidly happening and in no time, it’s not possible that major parts of the world will ditch the use of fossil fuels and start using solar panels as their main source of electrical energy.

Recently, the U.S. government has awarded $18 million for six projects that aim to establish battery-backed solar energy networks in certain communities. In Chicago, Bronzeville has been chosen by Commonwealth Edison Company to be the set for demonstration of some smart power technologies funded by $4 million that came from the Department of Energy.

Solar panels work by harvesting energy from the sun and storing it in the batteries attached to them. Afterwards, the energy is moved by smart power inverters in between solar panels and batteries and to homes and the main power grid.

The utilization of solar power is less costly and the energy can be stored and used during non-peak hours. Power disruption is not also problem since the energy harvested and stored using solar panels is always ready for use. More energy can also be saved by other solar power technologies like the streetlights that are only turned when a person passes by.

For the past twenty years, the use of solar power has increased exponentially almost in parallel with the increased use of computer advancements. On the other hand, fuel has become more expensive as the refining processes become costlier. This is in contrast with downward trend in the money spent on solar power as progressive scientific applications have made its collection, storage, and use a lot cheaper. At present, there are already some places in the world where solar energy has become very cheap as compared to fossil fuels.

In partner with solar panels, batteries are also becoming a lot cheaper by the day. The most popular storage unit nowadays is Tesla’s Powerwall which is continuously becoming more common in households.

Batteries are very useful because they make power generation more efficient. They serve as perfect partners for solar panels because they make possible the storage of energy that is harvested from the sun. if more studies and advancements are made when it comes to the power harvesting and storage capabilities of solar panels and batteries, then we can be assured of a very bright future with regards to energy acquisition.

Issues With Renewable Energy


These days, renewable energy is becoming more popular as a stable and reliable source of energy for various industries. Having the option to utilize such kind of sources lessens the problem brought about by using coal and fossil fuels as well as global warming. However, in relation to the ongoing clean energy revolution, there are some myths regarding renewable energy that must be clarified and cleared up.


Technological advancements focusing on the use of renewable energy sources like wind and solar energies have now become a lot a cheaper over the years. In fact, a number of countries and regions have resorted to using renewable energy for powering up their communities.

In relation to this, several large companies like HSBC, Citigroup, and Deutsche Bank have made statements about the renewable energies’ capability to compete with coal, gas, and nuclear energies which are the most commonly used power sources these days.

And because they are renewable, people need to worry about running out of wind or solar energy. Moreover, solar and wind energies are free, communities do not need to buy just like coal and other fossil fuels.

To give people some enlightenment about coal and fossil fuels, the use of these kind of energy sources possess hidden charges that are omitted from the people’s electricity bills. Such hidden charges are composed of water pollution, water footprint, negative health impact, and climate change which all have huge effects on the overall status of human civilization.


Contrary to what is commonly believed, renewable energy is now a stable source of energy for various parts of the world. In fact, a number of countries like Germany, Spain, China, Portugal, U.S., Philippines, and Denmark are now starting to switch to the use of renewable energy sources. Some even aim to target 100% use of renewable energy after a certain period of time. This is supported by the International Energy Agency’s claim that any country can use renewable sources of energy at the lowest cost possible.


With proper management, the combination of various renewable energy sources like solar and wind energies, partnered with the use of biogas and biomass, will provide a stable and sufficient supply of power to communities all over the world.


With proper modifications, the electricity grids which connect the power stations to the consumers’ households, will be able to handle large amount of power coming from renewable energy sources. At present, the use of smart grids allows the connection of different sites and the ability to switch from one kind of energy source to another.


This is not just true. With proper planning and construction, wind farms can be prevented from killing migratory birds. Also most of the complaints regarding the noise made by such farms are most of the time, invalid and have no concrete bases. Moreover, the lands that used for building these establishments can still be used for farming and grazing.


What Greenpeace aims for is the gradual transition from the use of coal and nuclear energy to the use of renewable ones. The plan is to invest more on renewable energy projects and eventually cease from investing in coal and nuclear power plants.

Overall, the growing needs of the world necessitate the use of more energy. Thus, it will be much better if people will start switching to renewable energy as soon as possible in order to save more money and prevent the onset of global warming and further devastation of natural resources.

Can Facebook Break Mobile Carriers


Facebook is one of the most popularly used social networking sites across the world. However, continuous usage of its application on mobile gadgets pose negative effects on the mobiles’ operating systems. Studies made by The Guardian showed that Facebook and Messenger apps greatly affect the batter life and overall performance of Android and i0S mobile systems like smartphones and tablets. The battery life of Android and ios decreased by 20% and 15% respectively with the use of Facebook. Moreover, there were also noted severity in the slow performance of the gadgets. The same results were also published in Reddit thread that came out in late January.

If people would look at the memory consumed by various applications on their phones, they would see that Facebook takes up a large part of the gadget’s memory. It is also interesting to note that the amount of memory consumed by Facebook is larger than most apps installed and is still greater than that is taken by the device’s core parts.

Facebook, Messenger, and Pages Manager take up memory that is almost thrice that is consumed by other installed applications. Google apps use at least only half of what is used by those three while others use much less amount of memory. If Facebook and Messenger are uninstalled from the phone, users will notice a great improvement in the performance of their gadgets.

Facebook apps also reduces the battery life of smartphones and tablets because these apps always search for updates. Though the most recent Android and iOS versions have tried to limit such actions made by Facebook, it still manages to get pass through these restraints.

In order to get rid of this problem, the best way would be to uninstall Facebook and its associated apps. However, people who are fond of using Facebook need not to worry because there’s still a way for them to easily access the social networking site.

To do this, one must just the actual Facebook mobile site. It does the same functions of showing notifications for new messages and alerts and it can easily be accessed by placing a shortcut on the gadget’s homescreen.

Though some perks like instantly accessing Instant Articles and posting updates are lost, people will be able to save up chunks of memory and prolong the battery life of their smartphones or tablets.

In the long run, the problem must still be addressed by Facebook. Even though they have made the necessary apologies for the what their apps do, it is still a must that they try improve the performance and memory consumption of Facebook and its associated applications.

Pirate Bay Streaming Service

Recently, The Pirate Bay has started offering video streaming services that can be accessed by users using a plug -in called Torrents Time. Not long afterwards, The Pirate Bay became the leading streaming site for pirated media as well.

Users may start streaming from the site right away after they have downloaded the Torrents Time plug-in. After installing the plug-in, users can choose their preferred browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or OS X to stream any selected media without necessarily downloading the torrent file or the actual content of the file.

However, even though the streaming service allows for easy access of different kinds of media there is the risk of computer invasion by hidden spyware, malware, and other malicious content that may infect the computer when a person streams a file. It has also been reported downloading Torrents Time does not guarantee that it will be free of malware since the project is supported by suspicious advertisers.

There was also an article which reported about the plug-in’s disappearance as soon as it was downloaded. Numerous bugs had also been found to be associated with Torrents Time. Moreover, the internet does not offer a lot of information regarding its use and other capabilities.

Though Torrents Time bears no affiliation with The Pirate Bay, it was made by the same people who came up with And because of this, The Pirate Bay became the first torrent site to offer video streaming services.

On the other hand, other torrent sites like Kickass has also begun to offer the same streaming capabilities.

For those who want to subscribe to legal streaming services, they may try the services offered by Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, PlayStation Vue, Funny or Die, Vevo, and These sites have both free and paid services. You don’t need Tricaster technology for it to work.

Fortune 500 Companies Don’t Use Social Media

Most people today own various social media accounts in websites like Facebook and Twitter. However, even though seems that a lot of people share or tweet their status everyday, it is interesting to note that the most of the CEOs who belong to the Fortune 500 are not active in social media. And those few who miraculously made social made accounts opted to use LinkedIn and Twitter instead of the more youth-oriented Facebook and Google+.

People involved in the marketing industry debate whether having social media accounts pose certain benefits or threats to top executives. Some think that social media accounts have positive effects on the company while others think that it won’t incur any loss if the boss decides to skip creating their own accounts.


Social media play an important role in marketing a business. The activities of an official social media account can greatly improve a company’s search engine rankings and they also allow the customers to interact with the companies which can potentially lead to an increase in sales. Yet, even though social media can be very helpful, they do not really necessitate the need for CEOs to create their own social media accounts unless they are willing a portion of their time everyday to manage their accounts.


  1. A CEO with an active social media account is like an extension already of the company. CEOs can also personally express their support for their company’s various marketing activities and they can also make people feel that they can be reached most of the time.

  2. A CEO that is quite active on social media expresses his sincerity and commitment to his company and customers as well. Interaction with some followers may also result to increased brand confidence and loyalty.

  3. A CEO’s skills in handling social media account reflect his compatibility with the use of technology. Consumers and even other companies are highly interested in people who possess enough knowledge to navigate the internet and various social media websites.


  1. If the CEO is not that active and has no clear idea on what to do with his social media accounts, then there’s nothing more that he can do but just be the face of the company.

  2. Any wrong move made by CEO can reflect badly on the company so utmost care must be exercised when posting or sharing insights in social media.

  3. People are not assured if the CEOs are really the ones behind their social media accounts. There are a lot of cases out there where CEOs only rely on their representatives to post on their social media accounts on their behalf.


It is not established whether CEOs need to create and use social media accounts. Everything will be based on the company, its goals, and of course, the CEO himself. Creating a social media account can be very beneficial for those who aim to boost their brands however, they must take into account that managing such accounts can be time-consuming sometimes. For the CEOs who do not have any social media accounts, it is possible that they just want to avoid the prying eyes of the public and focus on the work at hand, which is generally to bring progress to their companies. As for some, they may opt to hiring a team of representatives who will handle everything on social media when they decide to create their own accounts.

Sometimes, CEOs who are not very active retweet or share information that are related to the industry they are involved with from time to time. If a lot of people not only follow but highly think of them, then it is more likely guaranteed that people will take time to read their posts.

At the end of the day, a CEO is the one who will decide what’s the best for his company. Whether or not having a social media account is part of his plans, people should be assured that such decision is influenced by his intention for the company and his employees.


More than 55,000 twitter accounts have been hacked.  It’s important to note that this was not the first time a major site has been hacked and it won’t be the last time.  The future with technology is going to be painted with security breaches and an on going push and pull for privacy and sharing of information for the good of moving forward with a new colorful technology driven future.  Twitter has a great reputation and hundreds of million of users.  The future of those users is going to be changed by incorporating the site into their lives.  The sharing and free flow of information is key to advancements in technology.